1. Sets, Real Numbers, and Axioms (集合,实数和公理)

1.1 What is a set? – Introduction to (naive) Set Theory (集合论初步-朴素集合论)

1.2 Several examples of sets – Natural Numbers & Integers, Rational Numbers, and Real numbers (自然数与整数,有理数和实数)

1.3 How to organize sets? – Binary Relation, Function, and Order (二元关系,函数和序)

1.4 Go beyond the imagination – The size of a set, finite and infinite cardinality (集合的大小,有限和无限)

1.5 Sometimes things are not that obvious – Zorn’s lemma and Axion of choice (佐恩引理与选择公理)

1.6 Sequences and Cauchy sequences

1.7 More about \mathbb{R}?

2. Point set topology (点集拓扑)

2.1 What is topology? – Open sets, closed sets, basis, and separation axioms.

2.2 Compactness.

2.3(a) Continuity.

2.3(b) Continuity of real valued functions.

2.4 Several special topologies: Subspace topology, Product topology, and order topology.

2.5 Metric topology.

3*. Algebra

3.1 Group.

3.2 Ring.

3.3 Fields.

4. Linear Algebra

4.1 Structure of Linear spaces – basis, dimension, and linear transformation.



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