Welcome to the math group blog 欢迎来到数学小组的部落格

Hey, everyone,

I am Xiang Wan. Right now reading this page means you are one of us who are interested in math. This place is for us to discuss problems and share experience.

(This paragraph is for native Chinese speaker.) 这个blog主要会使用英语。最开始或许会有一些困难。这些困难主要不在于词汇——我已经对可能的生词附上翻译了,但只附一次——而在于不习惯英文的阅读。诸位刚开始可以慢一点,通读过两篇之后应该就会好很多。

There are not too many rules, as you are not required to do anything here. (没有人要求你在这里做任何事情。) Only several tips I suggest:

1) I am trying to build an academic group with all of you here, so please write things as mathematical as possible. (尽你的努力数学化)

2) I am neither a teacher nor a host here, but just a fan of math like you. Please point out any mistake that I have as I will do to you and anyone else. I am inviting you here not only to read, but also to think, talk, and discuss.

3) Try to write things down in English as much as you can. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. That’s the chance for you to improve.  It’s always true. (请尽量用英文书写。最开始可以用中英结合的方式,我也会尽量把一些关键地方的中文释义标出来,让大家都有个过程。)

4) Besides definitions and explanation, there are some propositions(命题), theorems(定理), corollaries(推论), and remarks(注释) in the posts. I won’t state the proof for most of them. Please make sure you can prove each of them.

5) This blog supports math input language(数学输入语言), \LaTeX. You can find how to use it here. This language turns out to be important if you are going to pursue a career about math, as HTML or PHP language for people who are working on web. (就像HTML语言或PHP语言对于从事网络工作的人来说一样。) An example is as follows:

\centering x^n+x^{n-1}+ \cdots +x+a is a polynomial (多项式), but \dfrac{x^2-1}{3+2x^3} is not.

If you have any questions, please leave a comment here (在此处回复)or email me. Again, welcome to join us. Hope you can enjoy yourself.

Notice: All references are stated in the “Index” page. I won’t state them again in the posts.